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As soon as your signals are not bound to a file, but streamed in from different sources like processes, sockets, pipe and drivers, ports are the means by which impulse handles those signals.

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Ports and Adapters

A Port can be opened by the impulse viewer like a normal file. It supports the viewer with signals bound together in one record. Afterwards, impulse can save the record as a file resource.
To open a port you need to have the Signals Port view visible (Window > Show View > Impulse > Signal Ports).

Adapters represent the interface to the outside world. Ports can have multiple adapters, so you can stream in data from multiple sources. Most adapters can also be used as ports, as soon as you add them under the ports root.

  • To achieve multiple sources, add a Multi Adapter Port to ports. Then add additional adapters to that newly created port.
  • If you just want one source, then add any adapter under the root "Ports".

Using Ports

After opening the viewer, the user will find some additional icons in the toolbar of the viewer. They are used to control the data stream from the port and update from within the viewer.

Icon Function Description
(or symbol of port) Edit Port Opens the port editor
Connect Enables the user to connect to a port without starting streaming/aquisition. Depending on the port design, the port may:
  • Connect to external drivers and data sources
  • Defines all signals
  • Show 'current' data in the value column of the tree
Start/Stop Streaming Connects to the port and starts streaming/acquisition. To end streaming press again.
Single / Multiple For scope like ports, this button selects if the acquisition process is:
  • Single / 1-shot
  • Multiple / Auto mode
Start/Stop Update If the port generates a floating diagram, this button allows the user to start/stop updating the diagram. To stop the diagram you may also move a cursor.

Find more about ports in chapter: A06 Ports Reference.


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