We help you get the most out of our products.

We support you in getting the best out of our products. From simple user requests and training to development services and complex product integrations.

Our Strength

Our strength is the intelligent combination of the latest software technologies with the requirements of modern semiconductor development and the multi-core software development of complex embedded systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide software tools and services to help engineers understand and debug complex semiconductor and multicore software systems, accelerate the development of advanced products, and enable our customers to conquer markets.

Extending and Integrating

Advanced Services

Our developers are eager to realize your application cases

Extension Development

We develop and extend extensions for new applications based on your requirements. 


On request we take over the distribution and licensing of 3rd party extensions

Product Integration

We help you to integrate our visualization tools into your IDE product.

On-site Trainings

Regardless of whether you want to use existing tools or extend them. We put your team in a position to do so.

User support

Commercial and non-commercial users get full support for questions and problems.


We conduct training courses for you both online and on site.

application consulting

We will help you to find out how you can realize your visualization application.

Extension Templates/Examples

We provide you with tools and examples for all extension possibilities. On request, we can also create specific templates for your project.

Issue Tracker and source repositories

We use github-based repositories and issue trackers for successful collaboration. Issues can be added and managed directly from the eclipse IDE.

Development Services

If you wish, we can create any kind of extension for you and optionally take over the licensing and provision.

From the idea to a productive solution

Our application consulting helps you to define a working design for new visualization applications, no matter where they are developed.


technical software and tooling


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