Using the VCD and Analog Tabular (TAB) Reader

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We are in the process of migrating all content to impulse version 2.0.

The Value Change Dump (VCD) and the Analog Tabular (TAB) reader are two of the core reader of impulse and are widely used. Both are easy to use with minimal configuration.

Screen Cast: Using the VCD and
Analog Tabular (TAB) Reader


Both readers can be used to open workspace resources and together with ports (direct connection to the target using TCP, Serial, J-Link, ...).


You can modify the serializer behavior under Preferences->impuse->Serializer->[serializer name]:You may modify the serializer parameters (see "Parameters" - global variables depending on the serializer type).
You may add serializer configurations. You can select one configuration when using the serializer.

Value Change Dump (VCD)

VCD is widly used in HDL design and virtual prototyping. Unfortunatly it produces large wave files and long parsing.


  • SystemC Hierarchy Resolver: If set to true, the reader resolves the SystemC hierarchy.

Format extensions

  • Vector signals are getting combined (v[0], v[1] -> v[0,1])
  • 9 state logic supported (not just 4)
  • TIMEZERO command supported
  • String signal support (need to be defined as string (not real) in the vcd header)

Analog Tabular (TAB)

This format is used in SystemC AMS systems. The default file ending in Impulse is ".tab". If your file have different naming conventions, goto Eclipse Preferences->Content Types, and edit your files preferences for the Record element.


  • Domain Base(auto,ps,ns,us,ms,s,...): If set to auto, the driver automatically calculates the base(difference of the first 2 entries / 10).


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