XS02 Script Production Example: Combine Float Signals

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We are in the process of migrating all content to impulse version 2.0.

This example shows how to combine float signals.

// input: an array of all input signals
// in0: primary input of type ISamplePointer,IReadableSamples
// in1..: additional inputs of type ISamplePointer,IReadableSamples
// out: output signal of type IFloatSamplesWriter
// console: console output of type MessageConsoleStream
// iter: iterator of type ISamplesIterator
// progress: progess control of type  IScriptProgress

while ( iter.hasNext()) {
    var current <:Long:> = iter.next(out);
    out.write(current, false, input[0].floatValue() +  input[1].floatValue());
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