18 Keyboard Shortcuts

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We are in the process of migrating all content to impulse version 2.0.

Most operations can be initiated with keyboard shortcuts.


Zoom In (at active cursor) Ctrl +/Numpad +
Zoom Out (at active cursor) Ctrl - /Numpad -
Zoom Fit Ctrl */Numpad *
Zoom (at mouse) Shift Wheel
Zoom Range CtrlLeft Click / Move


Move Time Axis

Left Click on Axis / Move
or Ctrl Wheel
Move Vertical Axis

up / Down
or Wheel


Add New Cursor Shift Ctrl N
Show Cursor Details Shift Ctrl D
Step Left Left
Step Right Right
Large Step Left Ctrl Left
Large Step Right Ctrl Right
Show Cursor Double Click Selector
Show Next Ctrl N
Show Previous Ctrl P
Activate Cursor Left Click on Cursor or Selector
Activate Next Shift N
Activate Prev Shift P
Goto Start Shift Ctrl Pos1
Goto End Shift Ctrl End
Goto Next Event Shift Left
Goto Prev Event Shift Right


Show Signals Ctrl Shift S
Edit Config Element Enter
Expand/Collapse Folders Space

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