Setting up the FSDB reader

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We are in the process of migrating all content to impulse version 2.0.

The article will help you to configure and set-up the FSDB readers native extension.

Native extension

The FSDB reader uses a native extension, meaning that it calls  a native application (converter) to open and read data from the fsdb file. Find more about native extensions in the manual.
This native extension requires a library from a 3rd party tool installation (FsdbReader) that usually comes with the Verdi tool chain (Synopsys).

A08 Native Extensions

Setting up the native extension

Go to Preferences->impulse->Native Extensions->Fsdb Native.

  • Please check if your system has the required GNU compatible  toolchain installed (g++,make)
  • Use the folder selection button of the first entry to select the include path of FsdbReader.
  • Now select (2nd field) the library path that fits to your system.
  • Press Make
mkdir -p linux-x86_64
g++ -m64 ../flux.c ../lz4.c ../fastlz.c  -I .. -I . -Ilibz -I '.../FsdbReader' -L '.../FsdbReader/LINUX64' -D FLX_CONTROL -D FLX_COMPRESS -D FLX_STDIO -D FLX_ITEM_EXTENSION="flxbyte signalType;flxuint signalScale;" -g  -lnffr -lnsys -lm -lpthread -ldl   -o linux-x86_64/fsdb
chmod 777 linux-x86_64/fsdb

If the output shows an error, you might need to extend the parameters for additional flags and libraries. If you can not resolve, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the text of the message output field.

Known setings:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11

Add. Flags: -DRT

Add. Libs: -lz -lrt

Editing the native extension

If you press Edit Extension, impulse opens an editor with the extension sources.
This enables experienced users to enhance the readers native extension or to explore the fsdb content in a different manner. We are looking forward to get your feedback!


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